I know you think you heard what you thought I said, but I think what you heard is not what I thought I said.

This blog is about my love for words and the meaning they convey. And how the judicious, smart use of words can inspire people to take actions that surprise them. And how stupid, poorly conceived words can force people to rise in opposition to ideas and beliefs they would normally accept.

This blog is about what I’ve learned over 30 years in writing and communication. It feels at times as if I’ve spent my life yammering, and with all that yammering, I may actually have learned something—some small thing—about words and the meaning they convey.

Simply put, here’s what I believe.

  • The right words establish leadership
  • The wrong words reveal the worst of your character
  • Using words to spin a meaning beyond what those words actually imply makes you a liar

Words are too important to use them easily, loosely, without consideration. Words matter. Use them wisely.

Why a Blog

I have been a writer my entire life. Whether it’s fiction or non-fiction, journalism or essays, I’ve enjoyed the craft of writing. Or rather, I’ve enjoyed having written, because I don’t think anyone truly enjoys writing.

For the last 30 years, I’ve directed the editorial content for trade media in the construction industry, serving both the design and contractor audiences. I have loved doing that, but most of what I loved about those efforts was the communication—the writing and the working together as a team to deliver a specific message and strategy. I still serve that audience through my roles as editorial director at Modern Trade Communications and my content management services at Deep Brook Media. And I still hold an abiding passion for those industries.

But, my first love was writing. And this blog scratches that itch by allowing me to address  the importance and failures of communication in a time when we are buried by messages—both overt and inadvertent. I hope you enjoy it. Please comment freely.

Paul Deffenbaugh


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